Have you ever had a day where you would just rather curl back up in bed than go to work?  Okay, yes, we’ve all those days.  They’re are perfectly normal, but only if they happen every now and then.

Let’s face it, not everyone wants to go to work every day.  There are so many other fun things to do like sleeping late, spending time with family, traveling or enjoying your favorite hobby.  I’m sure there are somed ays where cleaning behind the refrigerator sounds better than dragging yourself into work.

That’s normal for all of us.  There is a line though, between wanting some time for yourself and dreading your job.  A frequent desire to be anywhere or do anything else than go to your job, is a sign.  A sign that you aren’t happy with your choice of either workplace, or career.

Being unhappy on a daily basis with what you’re doing or where you’re doing it can have horrendous effects on you, your health, your relationships and your overall quality of life.  People under a lot of stress suffer from a multitude of side effects, ranging from body pain and difficulty sleeping, to more severe side effects such as social withdrawal and drug abuse. Furthermore, being in an unhappy work situation can even affect one’s appearance. Research shows that 50 percent of Americans have gained weight at their current job — in fact, a whopping 13 percent gained over 20 pounds.

On the flip side, a happy work scenario can help you skip out on the headaches, fatigue, binge eating, irritability and stomach ulcers. According to researchers at Aon Hewitt, “Employees who perceive their organizations as having a strong culture of health are happier, less stressed.  They’re also more likely to take control of their well-being than employees in other organizations.”

First, let’s tackle where you work.  Do you believe in your current company?  Are you proud to part of it, or are you ashamed of the brand you once believed in?  Now you may think that this really isn’t all that important because we have to work to survive.  But consider this, the average person dedicates approximately 85,000 hours of his or her life to work over a lifetime.

Wouldn’t you agree that such a large portion of your life, should be a happy one?  Add to that, lines between work and home have blurred as technology has advanced.  Very few of us have the opportunity now to leave work at work.  Through e-communications (emails, texts, shared folders, log in programs that keep our computers connected at home to our computers at work) we are one notification sound away from being at work even on our down time.

Now, being connected electronically can help you stay mobile and not require you to be physically present every moment at your office.  This can be handy when you want to be out of the office and still stay productive, but if the office environment is stressful, you’re bringing that stress with you, wherever you go.  The end result can be that you’re stuck looking at something electronic during time with family and friends, instead of being engaged in the moment.

We’re more connected now than we ever were, sometimes more than we should be and often we’re too connected to keep our life in a healthy balance.  Take our advice, if where you work does not make you happy, you need to change where you work.  There’s no other way around it.  Start sending out resumes and networking with others in your field.  Find a brand you can believe in, at a company with a great culture, that facilitates your productivity.  Staying where you are not happy ensures that you will never reach your professional best.

Let’s talk about your career choice.  Maybe what’s weighing you down isn’t the company you work for, maybe it’s the work itself.  When you were younger, what did you want to do when you grew up?  Was it what you’re doing now?  Could you see yourself doing something else with your life?  

You need passion, vision and purpose in your career or you might as well be a cog in a machine.  The 85,000 hours you may spend working will be wasted hours if they give nothing back to your life.  When you do what you love, when you do what inspires you, you can life a bold life full of meaning and happiness.

When you’re fired up because you love what you do and you’re happy, you are going to have such a positive effect on everyone around you.  Those 85,000 hours won’t be wasted ones, they’ll be filled with reward.

Try this exercise:  picture your perfect workplace.  Picture what it would look like and picture what job you would hold there.  Is it what you’re doing now?  If the answer to that question is no, you may need to change careers.

This one can be pretty scary if you have a degree for your current job, but no degree or training for the job you want.  There are ways around this, however.

You could volunteer in the profession you want to pursue.  Are you a lawyer who really wants to be a vet?  Volunteer to help animals in shelters, support pet foster-families or become a foster yourself for an animal waiting for a good home.  You may even be able to volunteer at your local zoo.

Maybe you’re an accountant who really wants to be a professional skydiver.  Next time you go skydiving, ask the people at the event how they got into skydiving as a profession.  You won’t lose anything from asking but you may gain some helpful knowledge as how to proceed in order to reach your goal.

Maybe, you’ll need to go back to school to earn a degree in your desired profession.  That’s not as daunting as it used to be.  Many great colleges, universities and even community colleges offer degrees that combine online classes with physical class time.  Who knows, maybe a part-time internship needed for your degree will turn into a full time position in your new field.

Happiness in your workplace and happiness in your career are both vital.  It controls our levels of stress, dictates our ability to engage in activities with folks we love.  It is a major factor in our health.  The myth that ‘it’s call work for a reason’ is just that, a myth.

You need and deserve to feel happiness and pride in whatever you do.  It’s imperative that if you don’t right now, you need to create a game plan to change those issues as soon as possible.

Life is short.  Don’t spend it wishing you were cleaning behind your refrigerator.  Spend it being happy with what you do and who you’re with.  You deserve it.

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