Congratulations!  You’re officially a Real Estate Agent.   You’ve received your Real Estate License after making it through all of the classes, the studying and the tests.  You’ve partnered with a broker and paid your first year’s dues to your local Realtor board and to the National Association of Realtors.

You have big dreams and large goals and unless you’ve come from a long line of successful realtors in your family, you have no real idea how to achieve your target success.

Don’t worry, we’ve all been here at some point or another.  We’ve all looked out at the vast wilderness that is the real estate market and felt overwhelmed.

Let us reassure you that just like reading, writing and math, you just need to start at the very beginning by learning good practices and in time, you’ll achieve what you’ve set out to do.

We’ve compiled 10 steps to help you succeed as a new agent:

Define Your Goals

  • Think of your goals as a point on a map. To get where you’re going you need two things:  a destination and a route.  Define your destination and discover your route.  How do you do that?  Experience, personal development and training.

Follow the Path You’ve Set for Yourself

  • Want to earn a million dollars in a year? Seek out Realtors who have made a million dollars in a year (and there are plenty of them).  Read their stories, follow their blogs, study what they’ve done and then mirror that for yourself.  This is your path.

Associate Yourself with a Broker Who is Training-Based.

  • It’s not hard to get hired in the Real Estate Industry. It is hard to find a broker who will help you achieve your goals.  Find a broker/real estate company who listens to you and will help you find the education to follow your path to success.

Learn to Make a Business Plan.

  • You’ve defined your goals. You’ve found the Realtors you want to emulate.  You’ve aligned yourself with a great, training-based brokerage.  Now take all you want to achieve and put it into a business plan.  Never written a business plan before?  We suggest you take a class on one.  It’s worth its weight in gold and can be an integral part of achieving your desired level of success.

Remember, finances matter. 

  • The rule of thumb for new agents is to have a six-month cushion for living expenses while you build your business.

Don’t Try to Reinvent the Wheel.

  • Don’t.  It’s tempting, we know.  You gained a little bit of experience after you’ve closed some transactions and all of a sudden, you may feel you have the real estate industry figured out.  We love you enough to let you know…you don’t.  It’s a tough industry with a ton of quirks and just closing a few transactions will not help you master what takes years of experience and learning to even understand.

When you think you’ve learned everything, learn some more.

  • As you progress in your career, you’ll reach new milestones. Every new milestone needs new training.  Never. Stop. Learning. 

Treat failures as a learning experience and get right back at it.

  • Did that closing that you’ve been waiting for fall through, at the last minute? Maybe, it even fell through at the closing table.  That nightmare of a scenario is painful to even think about, but it happens.   When failures do happen, and they will, scream in a pillow, go for a run or do whatever it is you do to de-stress and get back in the game.

Above All Else – Be Your Own Brand.

  • Every step you take in your new career helps to either build or destroy your reputation. Networking is key to your survival.  People want to know who you are.  They need to believe in you.  Remember, they’re trusting you with what is probably their biggest financial asset.  Talk to everyone you can.  Get written reviews when you have a closing.  Get a great real estate-themed website.  Stay involved in social media.  Wear your name tag to the grocery store.  Give out your cards to everyone and anyone who’ll take them.  Let your social butterfly free.  Just remember, to be honest.  Don’t overpromise.  No one wants to believe their faith was misplaced.

Treat Yourself Well.

  • This career can be incredibly rewarding. It can also be overwhelming.  Real estate is a field where a lot of people burn out quickly.  It’s logical then that the rewards should be as big as the risks you’re taking to succeed.  When you reach one of your goals – give yourself a reward.  It can be anything from a massage to a trip to a new car.  You have to treat yourself well in order to want to stay in the game.

While agents may arrive and leave the real estate field at an astounding rate, lasting agents understand that every day in real estate is a new learning experience.  Not knowing what the day will bring is part of the thrill of your career choice.  We hope that these steps will help you set yourself up for a long, successful career in a field you’ll find both fulfilling and rewarding.

No go get ‘em champ!  We believe in you!

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