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Serial Procrastination – The Death of a Masterpiece

There sits, on the desk of a friend of mine, a ‘procrastination calendar.’  Each and every day, the page is turned to a new quote engineered to fire up her productivity.  A daily call to action gets revealed to inspire and motivate and ward off any time-wasting. The problem

Is Motivation a Myth?

Can we talk for a moment?  A real heart-to-heart talk about the myth of motivation.  It’s a word so often over-used in self-help books, on posters with affirmations (you know the ones, with the sun coming up over the mountains) and spouted by get-rich gurus in seminars that are

The Importance of Being Happy in Your Career

Have you ever had a day where you would just rather curl back up in bed than go to work?  Okay, yes, we’ve all those days.  They’re are perfectly normal, but only if they happen every now and then. Let’s face it, not everyone wants to go to work

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